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Here are more details to questions caregivers are asking about the new caregiver jackets

Intermountain recently introduced a new standard jacket that caregivers may choose to purchase in their color of care. The approved jacket is part of the standardized caregiver uniform described in the Clinician Scrub Policy, which helps to ensure a professional appearance and provide the best experience for patients.

Because the jacket is part of the caregiver clinical dress guidelines no alterations or additional customizations should be made to the jacket, such as adding additional logos, images, or designs. Standard fonts and colors have also been approved and cannot be altered or changed when ordering. Caregivers can order a newly available, Intermountain-approved jacket online.

Order a jacket online | View the list of approved professional licenses for your jacket

We have also had many caregivers ask for an option to use their LiVeWell rewards to go toward a jacket, and we are looking into that option. We will share more information as soon as we know more details.

Please review the questions and answers here before ordering your jacket or to find the answer to your question before sending a question to the vendor:

Questions about jacket appearance:

Questions about department name, credentials, and role on jackets:

Other purchasing questions: